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Boat Storage in Iron County

Are you looking for a place that will protect your boat from the harsh elements all year round? Whether you are unable to take your boat out for months on end or you simply lack the means to keep your boat docked at the marina, Hunt Storage is ready and willing to help! Our facilities allow you to take advantage of affordable boat storage sheds in Iron County, Utah! Unless you have an exceptionally large plot of land or live near water, as a large motorized vehicle, boats can be difficult to store at home.  At Hunt Storage, you will find that our boat storage shelter facilities are a fantastic and cost-effective way to house your boat for the times it is not in use.

About Us

Hunt Storage, Inc. offers storage facilities in both Cedar City and New Harmony, Utah. These convenient locations provide an excellent selection of boat storage sheds, as well as professional on-site managers who are available to assist you when you need it. In addition to our affordable boat storage shelters and general storage units, our facilities provide safety and security that is second to none, giving you the year-round peace of mind that you deserve. To help keep your boat safe from the elements and any unwelcome visitors, our facilities are gated and feature 24-hour surveillance.

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Interested in learning more about our boat storage shelters in Iron County, Utah? We would love to hear from you! To get in touch with an expert at Hunt Storage, Inc., simply dial 435-463-8500. For directions or to fill out a contact form, please visit our Contact Us page. Why wait? With Hunt Storage, you can even check prices and rent units online around-the-clock. Store your boat at a facility you can trust!

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